For Clinicians

Below are tools to help you serve your patients with developmental disabilities. Please feel free to use these materials for clinical or educational purposes and adapt them to your own practice and to individual patients. We would appreciate knowing how you are using the materials and welcome your feedback as we continue to improve this site. 


Point of Care Resources

Accessing Services

Charts & Forms for Patients & Clinicians

Clinical Tools for Primary Care Providers: Surrey PlaceVanderbilt Kennedy Center

Primary Care Resources for Adults on the Autism Spectrum and their Primary Care Providers

Thinking Ahead Matters (End-of-Life Planning for People with DD)



Continuing Education

Bibliographies: Clinical Care

Practice Pearls

Understanding Autism, Agression and Self-Injury Medical Approaches and Best Practices


Supported Health Care Decision-Making

Supported Health Care Decision-Making



Health Passport English  |  Spanish

What I Wish My Doctor Knew About:


Non-Traditional Communicators

People Who Accompany Us to Our Medical Appointments

Sensory Sensitivities