For Self-Advocates & Caregivers

Being a patient and a caregiver is a complex job. This section includes tools to help you be a good partner. It includes information on services. There are tools to help you keep track of your health. There are places to find more information.



Accessing Services

Charts & Forms

Image Library

Primary Care Resources for Adults on the Autism Spectrum and their Providers

Sexuality Resources

Thinking Ahead Matters (End-of-Life Planning for People with DD)



Supported Health Care Decision-Making

Supported Health Care Decision-Making



Health Passport: English| Spanish

Timely Access to Care 

What I Wish My Doctor Knew About:  


Non-Traditional Communicators 

People Who Accompany Us to Our Medical Appointments

Sensory Sensitivities



What's Next? : A Self-Advocate's Guided Tour through Transition for Parents and Other Supporters