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中文資源 (Resources in Chinese)


Advice from Self-Advocates

我想我的醫生知道,陪我們應診的人一些什麼 (What I Wish My Doctor Know About the People Who Accompany Us to Our Appointments)

我想我的醫生知道我身為一名自閉症患者(Aspie)的什麼問題  (What I Wish My Doctor Know About Me as a Person on the Autism Spectrum)

我想我的醫生知道我的一些什麼,我是一名有感覺敏感的人 (What I Wish My Doctor Know About Me as a Person with Sensory Sensitivities)

Communication Access

人人能溝通:接進溝通評估,資助和方便配合 工具包 (Everybody Communicates: A Toolkit for Accessing Communication Assessments, Funding, and Accommodations)

Navigating Systems

      地區中心和其他倡議資源名錄 (Directory of Regional Centers)

      地區中心 (Regional Centers)

      供自童年起有傷健情況之成年人的社會安全傷健保 (SSDI) 

      特殊教育 (Special Education)

      兒童的補充安全收入 (SSI for Children)

      成年人的補充社會安全收入 (SSI for Adults)

      時接進健康護理 (Timely Access to Care)


      Supported Health Care Decision-Making

健康伙伴:為加州輔助和另類溝通用戶實施支援性健康護理決定 (Partners in Health: Implementing Supported Healthcare Decision-Making for Users of AAC)

      自我倡議者之在有支持下做健康護理決定 (Training Materials for Self-Advocates)

給家長和支援者之在有支持下做健康護理的決定 (Training Materials for Parents and Supporters)

Sexuality and Sexual Health

我們的性,我們的健康:傷健人士關係,浪漫,性事和性健康倡議指南 (Our Sexuality, Our Health: A Disabled Advocate’s Guide to Relationships, Romance, Sexuality and Sexual Health)

      Transition to Successful Community Living

下一步是什麼?:家長和其他支援者認識過渡之自我倡議指南 (What's Next?: A Self-Advocate's Guided Tour through Transition for Parents and Other Supporters)


Chart Forms

停止治療 (Discontinued Therapies)

評估行為改變 (Evaluation of Behavior Change)

科際健康護理小組表 (Interdisciplinary Health Care Team Chart)

科際健康護理團隊表格 (Interdisciplinary Health Care Team Form)

醫療摘要(樣本)(Medical Summary Sample)

神經發展輪廓 (Nuerodevelopmental Profile Form)

神經發展輪廓 (Nuerodevelopmental Profile Sample)

Tips for Organizing Visits

準備應診 (Getting Ready for My Visit)

約診後跟進 (Follow Up from My Visit)

組織護理的策略 (Strategies to Organize Care)

成功盆腔檢查的提示 (Tips for a Successful Pelvic Exam)

Tracking Forms

行為紀錄 (Behavior Log)

大便圖表(標準)(Bowel Movement Standard)

大便圖表(視覺)(Bowel Movement Visual)

每日食誌 (Daily Food Diary)

日常生活能力 (Daily Living Skills)

耐用醫療設備紀錄 (Durable Medical Equipment)

輸入/輸出紀錄 (Intake Output Record)

服藥紀錄 (Medication Administration Log)

藥物和治療紀錄 (Medications and Treatments)

月經表 (Menstruation Chart)

發作追蹤表(詳細 (Seizure Tracking Chart - Detailed)

發作追蹤表(設定 (Seizure Tracking Chart Established)

睡眠紀錄 (Sleep Log)

主要信號紀錄 (Vital Signs Log)