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Sexuality Resources

Ashkenazy E, Yergeau M, eds. Relationships and Sexuality: A Handbook For and By Autistic
People. (2013). Autistic Self Advocacy Network. Accessed 7/26/2014 at‐content/uploads/2013/02/Relationships‐and‐Sexuality‐Tool.pdf

Autism Now. Let’s Talk About Sex: Discussing the Topics of Sex, Protection, and/or Sexuality
from Three Unique Viewpoints. Webinar. Accessed 8/22/2014 at‐now‐webinar‐talking‐about‐sex/

Autism Now. Welcome to the Autistic Community.‐resource‐available‐welcome‐to‐the‐autisticcommunity/

Autistic Self‐Advocacy Network. Transition to Adulthood: A Health Care Guide for Youth and

Balderain NA. FACTS: Forensic Assessment of Consent to Sex. A protocol for conducting the
forensic interview and assessing the individual’s responses to questions designed to evaluate
his/her understanding of the nature and consequences of the sexual activity that brought the
individual to the attention of the criminal justice system.

Balderain NA. Interviewing and Treatment Skills for Elder Abuse Victims with Cognitive and/or
Communication Impairments (1998). Accessed 7/26/2014 at

Balderain NA. Risk Reduction Workbook for Parents and Service Providers: Practices to Reduce
the Risk of Abuse, Including Sexual Violence, Against People with Intellectual and Developmental
Disabilities. (2013). Accessed 7/26/2014 at

Balderain NA. A Risk Reduction Workbook for People with Developmental Disabilities: How to
Reduce the Risk of Abuse, Including Sexual Abuse. (2014). Accessed 7/26/2014 at

Balderain NA. The Rules of Sex: For Those Who Have Never Been Told. Written for young adults.
Available in English and Spanish: Accessed 7/26/2014 at

Balderain NA. Survivor: A Sexual Assault Guidebook for Victims with Developmental Disabilities.
Accessed 7/26/2014 at

For Patients. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG). Accessed
8/22/2014 at

Green Mountain Self‐Advocates. Get the Life You Want Transition Toolbox. (2009). Montpelier,
VT. Accessed 7/26/2014 at‐the‐life‐you‐want‐a‐transition‐toolbox/

Green Mountain Self‐Advocates. Peer‐to‐Peer Guide on Domestic and Sexual Violence. (2009).
Montpelier, VT. Accessed 7/26/2014 at‐to‐peer‐guide‐ondomestic‐

Green Mountain Self‐Advocates. Sexual Self‐Advocacy (pamphlet). Montpelier, VT. Accessed
8/22/2014 at‐self‐advocacy/‐

Healthy Transitions: Moving from Pediatric to Adult Health Care. Online video. Accessed
8/22/2014 at

Hingsburger D. Just Say Know! Understanding and Reducing the Risk of Sexual Victimization of
People with Developmental Disabilities. (1995). Canada: Diverse Press, Inc.

Individuals with Autism and Relationships – Dating and Relationships. Autism Now.‐home/relationships/dating‐and‐relationships/

Individuals with Autism and Relationships – Sexuality. Autism Now.‐home/relationships/sexuality/

Planned Parenthood of Northern New England. Sexuality Education for Adults With
Developmental Disabilities:‐parenthood‐northernnew‐

Rojas R, Kardell Y, eds. The Best of Relationships & Romance from The Riot! (2014). Human
Services Research Institute. Accessed 7/26/2014 at‐content/uploads/2014/06/Relationships‐Romance‐


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