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18th Annual Developmental Disabilities: An Update for Health Professionals

March 14-15, 2019

Program | Slides

Developmental Issues


Advances in Targeted Treatments in Fragile X Syndrome and Autism

Autism: Working with Sensory-Motor Issues

Autism Research Update: Implications for Practice

Down Syndrome

Charlie's Clinic: Holistic and Specialized Care for Children with Down Syndrome


Understanding Microcephaly: A 2019 Guide for Clinicians (video not available)

Medical Issues


Comfortable in My Skin: Dermatologic Issues in Down Syndrome

Dermatology and Developmental Disabilities

Seizure Disorders

Epilepsy Syndromes: An Evidence-based Era of Novel Treatments


Disordered Sleep in Children and Adults with DD: Diagnosis and Treatment Modalities

Mental Health

Anxiety & Stress

Pharmacotherapy for Anxiety and Stress-Related Behavior Dysregulation in Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Substance Abuse

The Impact of Parental Substance Use on Pediatric Development


Indirect Effects of War on Developmental Disabilities

Immigration, Trauma, and Children & Youth with Disabilities

Screening and Assessment

Intellectual Disability

The Evaluation & Diagnosis of Intellectual Disability: What you Need to Know (video not available)


Advances in Vision Screening for Children with Developmental Disabilities

Service Systems

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Lessons Learned from the CART Mobile Services Consult Team

Update on California's Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Systems and Services

Law Enforcement

Moving Towards Positive Interactions with Law Enforcement

Special Education

Starting with Special Education

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